Friday, February 15, 2013

Molybdenum downloadable via Soundcloud ~

Sunday, February 10, 2013

New video for song Molybdenum on up coming album -

Astrum Amicus ~

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

[ 2005 - Unreleased ]

(Self Titled)

1. Dichromacy Perception
2. M0n0chr0me
3. Brandon Cormier(Absence of Color Edit)
4. Tetrachromacy

This album was my fist time making 'Electronic' style of music in 2005 - breaking away from my usual guitar based style. Working night shifts and living in an apartment, Electronic music just made sense in a way of its convenience. I could put on headphones and create without the disturbance of my environment around me. Having no real knowledge of how to fully go about this new adventurous style, I began searching / digging for samples and drum loops. These songs are my creations of exploring the Electronic style.

I never released these songs until now. The songs took on a experimental style of - funk / jungle / house music. The third track on the album is a remix / re-edit of a acoustic track from a good friend of mine at the time. Absence of Color is the name I use to record under before C ∆ L I C. All previous style of music recorded under Absence of Color was acoustic based. I have a handful of those songs laying around somewhere as well and maybe one day I will get around to putting them up for my amusement.

Download it - Dance

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